There is an old adage in removals that says: “If it fits into a box, malady then place it into a box”. Whilst this does seem obvious, the amount of time saved by not having to carry our armfuls of small things that should have gone into a box is enormous. Tape the bottom of the box correctly.

Use a lot of paper and line the bottom of the carton in a layer of “scrunched” paper as a buffer and protectant. Wrap everything individually in paper and ensure that you also have a layer of “scrunched” paper at the top of the carton again for protection.

Caloundra Van Lines removals and Storage tips - Taping up moving boxes for moving day

Always make sure that you have filled the carton to just over the top with paper (Fig 1.), in fact you should have to apply a little pressure to the flaps of the carton as you close them. This ensures that the carton will make it to the other end and not collapse in on itself if it has not been packed to the top. Use strong, wide packing tape and not masking or duct tape. A tape gun will make this job easier.(Fig 4) Draw tape across the bottom and up the sides about one-third of the way. Additional tape is needed to secure ends and keep the container square while taping.


Turn port-a-robe upside down and seal the bottom flaps with tape. Flip the port-a-robe back over, fold down the front flap and insert the hanger bar in the slots provided on the side panels. Hang your clothing on the hanger bar. Fold flaps and seal the top of the port-a-robe with tape.

Moving Check List

Arrange disconnection and reconnection of services ( eg: power, gas, telephone).
Cancel any deliveries, paper, milk, soft drinks etc.
Arrange redirection at you local post office.

Notify Authorities

Electoral Office
Motor Vehicle Registration
Drivers Licence – change of address
Water Board
Taxation Office
Banks and Financial Advisers and Institutions
Superannuation Company
Insurance Companies ( Home, Car, Boat etc )
Educational Institutions ( Schools, Universities, TAFE, etc)
Department of Social Security ( re Pension Payments, Family Payments etc)
Club Memberships.

Collect All Vital Information

Medical Practitioner, Dentist, Health Care Professionals, Optometrist,Pharmacy etc.

Other Tips

Collect Laybys, Pick up any items in for repair.
If parking is a problem, please ensure that three car spots have been reserved at the front of your premises to enable parking for the removal vehicle. This saves time, and of course, cost.